16 Yr Old GDL Program

Graduate Driver's License

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The purpose of this introduction is to arouse awareness among teenagers and parents about the excellent program offered by NJDMV. It is the GDL


Graduated Driver License Program

GDL has been proven to save lives among new drivers and their passengers

It is designed to give new drivers better instructions and more experience driving

Topics of Discussion

-Obtaining a permit
-Behind the Wheel Training
-What you can expect from a Driving Instructor
-Parent and Student awareness


-Graduated License Handbook
-“Parental Consent” Card
-Take teenager student to DMV with: (Six Points of ID)
     -Original Birth Certificate or US Passport
     -Original Social Security Card
     -HSW-Certificate (Small Blue Card) issued by HS she/he completed the 30 Hrs classroom instruction and passed the written test.
     -If glasses or contacts are regularly worn they should be worn to DMV

Applying for Permit

-When the eye test is completed, the driving instructor receives the learning permit from the DMV
-The learning permit is then valid for a licensed driving instructor to teach

Contract / Agreement

Contract- Instruction agreements are made, which need to be signed by both parties and after which driving lessons may be initiated

Six Hours behind the wheel

-Introduction to the instrument panel and mechanical functionality of the vehicle
-Adjusting Seat, mirrors and seat belts

Behind the wheel FUN Starts!

-1st Lesson
  Starting and Take Off
  Steering / Hand position and movement – killing the root of bad turns
  Warning signs, Regulatory signs and Construction signs
  Curb Judgment and Left & Right Turns
  Brake & Gas Control

-2nd Lesson
  K & U Turns
  Traffic signal control
  Flow of traffic, the right of way
  Straight traffic
  Curb Judgment

-3rd Lesson
  Curb Judgment
  Straight Reverse
  Traffic Lights – Red, yellow and green and turn arrow lights and lane signs
  Hill Parking
  Parallel Parking, Park Recovery and adjustment

-4th Lesson
  Highways, Safe distance
  What if you are being tail gated?
  Acceleration and deceleration
  On the Road, Dividing in lanes, passing, changing lanes, which lane to use for turns
  Pedestrians walking, when to stop

-5th Lesson
  Night driving
  Snow and rain conditions
  Pre-Road Test / Warm-up lessons

-6th Lesson
  Review of all lessons
  Simulated Road Test

Instructor's next step

After Six hour lesson behind the wheel, driving instructor will have to get the permit signed by Driving School Owner
Then go to DMV to schedule a Road Test Date on Students 17th Birthday or six months after, whichever comes later

What will the student get?

After completion of Six Hours behind the wheel trained Student will get:

Validated Permit
Insurance Certificate
Receipt for each lesson

Parent and Student Awareness

-Always shop around for best instruction with reasonable fees
-Driving Instructor will try his/her best to work around your schedule
-Always ask for copy of the contract you signed Money Receipt & what you have learned during the lesson



Student Awareness

-Before the end of sixth hour ask yourself following questions:

-Did you learn everything?
-Are you ready for the road test? Even though road test is far away?

My Message to Students!

-Life is Precious
-Life is gift given by God
-Accidents can happen with the mistakes of others

Knowledge, Alertness, Foresight, Judgment and Skill are the best Five Qualities a Defensive Driver can have

My Message to Parents!

-Always make your child’s learning experience bearable and be positive; have good communication and work well together.
-Go through “Safe Driving – A Parent’s Guide to Teaching Teens”
-When you see Driving School Car: 
-Don’t forget your Student Driver days 
-Please be patient and co-operative to Student Drivers
-Remember your own child or relative could be in that car learning!

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