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1. If you have a blow out, you should:

             Speed up                                                             Continue driving normally

             Slow down gradually                                      Break instantly


2. What is the proper distance when parallel parking?

             35 feet                                                                 25 feet

             22 feet                                                                 20 feet


3. You may drive on public or private property to avoid a traffic sign or signal if:

             Only the driver stops the vehicle before crossing the sidewalk

             Only with permission of the property owner


             When directed to do so by a police officer


4. When driving a motor vehicle you are required to have your driver's license and your:

             Title to the vehicle and registration                                                      Registration and insurance card

             Insurance identification card and certificate of ownership                 Tile to the vehicle and insurance card


5. Road surfaces are slipperiest:

             During very hot, humid weather                         After a very heavy rainfall

             During very cold dry weather                             During the first few minutes of rainfall


6. In city driving a good habit is to;

             Use the 2-second rule                                        Look 12 seconds ahead

             Reduce speed and use the horn                        Practice good judgment


7. A person who holds a probationary driver license is subject to:

             An advisory notice upon being convicted of their first moving violation

             Mandatory attendance at a driver education program in lieu of suspension for a second violation      resulting  in four or more points

             Any violation after attending school will result in suspension

             All of the above


8. What lights should you use during fog?

             Low beams                                                      High beams

             No lights                                                              Hazard lights


9. Hydroplaning is a driving condition wherein tires lose traction on a wet rood and float on a layer of water or slush. When this happens, you should:

             Push the brake pedal down hard                        Increase speed

             Slow down                                                        Change lanes


10. Whether your blood alcohol content rises above legal limits depends on:

             Amount you drink                                                Your weight

             Time you take drink                                             All of the above


11. Persons under 21 years of age (the legal drinking age) are considered under the influence of (DUI) when their BAC is:

             0.01                                                                     0.05

             0.1                                                                       All of the above


12. Implied consent law means:

             You must have liability insurance                       Permission for another to move your car in emergencies

             You sign an agreement to give bond                  A driver agrees to take a breath test for blood alcohol content


13. After you drive through a deep puddle of water, you should:

             Pump your brakes to test them                  Race your engine to dry it out

             Apply your brakes hard to test them                  Speed up to dry your tires


14. In New Jersey, you must be at least how old to register a motor vehicle?

             17                                                                        16

             21                                                                        18


15. High beam lights are used for:

             Open country driving                                      Signing emergencies

             Foggy weather                                                   City streets without lamps


16. The shape of a stop sign is:

             Eight sided                                                        Diamond

             Triangle                                                               Circle


17. What is the speed limit in a business district in New Jersey?

             35 m.p.h.                                                             20 m.p.h.

             25 m.p.h.                                                            30 m.p.h.

18. If a student fails the driving test for the first time, how long must he wait before he can take it again?

             5 days                                                                 7 days

             At least 14 days                                               30 days

19. Before turning, you must signal at least:

             100 feet in advance                                         1 block

             500 feet in advance                                            100 yards

20. When making a left turn from a two-way street you should get into the:

             Right lane or the lane farthest from the center lane             Left lane nearest to the left curb           

             Lane nearest to the center of the roadway                                Right land or the lane nearest to the right curb


21. What is the best way to reduce your chances of having an alcohol related accident?

             Do not drink and drive                                    Drive with friends

             Drive slowly                                                        Drive as you normally would


22. How much time do you have to notify DMV of or address change?

             One week                                                         2 weeks

             1 month                                                               You don't have to notify them


23. As you drive, you must turn your headlights on when:

             You turn your wipers on                                    One-half hour after sunset

             One-half hour before sunrise                             All of the above


24. If two cars begin to enter an uncontrolled intersection at the same time:

             The driver to the right must yield to the driver on the left

             The driver to the left must yield to the driver on the right

             The driver entering the intersection must yield

             The driver going straight through goes first


25. When it is legal to make a right turn on red, you must:

             Turn before the light turns green

             Stop and wait until the light turns green

             Signal for right-turn and make turn without looking

             Make a full stop and check traffic


26. You are under the influence of alcohol if your BAC has reached:

             0.15%                                                                  0.10%

             0.05%                                                                  None of the above


27. If you have had a license for over two years, you will get a notice of license suspension if you have how many points on your license?

             6 points                                                               9 points

             12 points                                                           3 points


28. A flashing yellow light means:

             Stop                                                                     Slow down

             Stop and proceed with caution                           Speed up


29. The shape of a stop sign is:

             Eight sided                                                        Diamond

             Triangle                                                               Circle


30. When a school bus has stopped directly in front of a school to pick up or let off children, you may pass from either direction at a speed of no more than:

             10 m.p.h.                                                            15 m.p.h.

             20 m.p.h.                                                             25 m.p.h.

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