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1. Driving while under the influence of alcoholic or drugs refers to:

             Only when the drivers show obvious signs of being drunk

             When your senses and judgment are impaired by alcohol or drugs of any kind

             Drinking while in the process of driving a vehicle

             Driving even if the driver has had only one drink


2. When driving a motor vehicle you are required to have your driver's license and your:

             Title to the vehicle and registration                     Registration and insurance card

             Insurance identification card and certificate of ownership

             Tile to the vehicle and insurance card


3. What are some telltale signs of a drunk driver?

             Weaving between lanes                                     Driving slower than the normal traffic flow

             Quick and sudden stops                                     All of the above


4. You can get alcohol out of your blood by:

             Drinking coffee or eating                                     Taking a cold shower

             Time                                                                   Vigorous exercise


5. New Jersey law allows up to 3 points to be subtracted from your driving record if you have moving traffic violations;

             For one year from the date of the last violation                        For six months

             For 18 months                                                                      For two years        


6. In city driving a good habit is to;

             Use the 2-second rule                                        Look 12 seconds ahead

             Reduce speed and use the horn                        Practice good judgment


7. If a person gets drunk in your home and has a motor vehicle accident after leaving your home you could:

             Be charged with a crime                                     Not be held responsible

             Be involved in a lawsuit                                 None of the above


8. A person who holds a probationary driver license is subject to:

             An advisory notice upon being convicted of their first moving violation

             Mandatory attendance at a driver education program in lieu of suspension for a second violation resulting in four or more points

             Any violation after attending school will result in suspension

             All of the above


9. A triangular sign with an orange center and red border means:

             School zone                                                        Yield

             Stop                                                                     Slow moving vehicle


10. A person may operate a Moped with:

             A valid basic license                                           A valid motorcycle license

             A valid moped license                                         Any of the above


11. When a school bus is stopped, and its red lights are flashing you must:

             Stop                                                                    Yield

             Slow down                                                         Overtake from left


12. In New Jersey, you must be at least how old to register a motor vehicle?

             17                                                                        16

             21                                                                        18


13. When making a left turn from a two-way street you should get into the:

             Right lane or the lane farthest from the center lane                            Left lane nearest to the left curb

             Lane nearest to the center of the roadway                                Right land or the lane nearest to the right curb


14. Drugs that may affect basic driving skills ore:

             Cold pills                                                              Tranquilizers

             Some prescription drugs                                     All of the above


15. A twelve-ounce can of beer has as much alcohol in it as:

             1 ounces of 86 proof whiskey                  Bottle of rum

             Martinis                                                                Pint of brandy


16. You may drive on public or private property to avoid a traffic sign or signal if:

             Only the driver stops the vehicle before crossing the sidewalk         Only with permission of the property owner

             Anytime                                                                                                When directed to do so by a police officer


17. A driver's hand turned downward means he is:

             Stopping                                                            Turning left

             Turning right                                                        Slowing down


18. A single solid white line across a road at an intersection means:

             Stop behind the line for a traffic sign or light                            Bus stop 

             No parking zone                                                  No passing             


19. How much time do you have to notify DMV of or address change?

             One week                                                         2 weeks

             1 month                                                               You don't have to notify them


20. If you are arrested for drunk driving in New Jersey, your chances of being convicted ore:

             96%                                                                     50%

             30%                                                                     80%


21. To make a right turn, you must:

             Cross over all lanes of traffic without your signals

               Get in the right lane

               Stop where you are, look right and then proceed

               Turn left than make a u-turn


22. The order of colors on a traffic light hung to bottom:

             Red, green, yellow                                              Yellow     , green, red

             Red, yellow, green                                          Green, yellow, green


23. If your permit is stolen or lost, you should:

             Contact your local police department to report it                 Call your driving school if you are 16 and need a duplicate

             Wait to drive until a replacement is processed   All of the above


24. Does New Jersey issue a work license to people who have lost their driving privileges?

             Depends on the offense                                     Sometimes

             No                                                                       Always


25. The best way to reduce your chances of having an alcohol related accident is to:

             Reduce your drinking                                          Have a meal before drinking

             Know your own limits                                         Don't drive at all after drinking


26. The best way to talk to other drivers is to:

             Roll down your window end talk                        Use your horn

             Flash your high beams                                        Hit them with your car


27. Points are issued for what:

             Moving violations                                            Not having proper identification

             Break lights don't work                                       Not wearing a seat belt


28. To obtain a New Jersey Driver license or non-driver ID card, you must present these identifiers:

             Proof of age                          Proof of identity  Proof of citizenship

             Proof of age, identity, and that your presence in this country is authorized under federal law


29. To avoid highway hypnosis when driving on an expressway it is a good practice to:

             A rest your eyes by slowing blinking them time to time

             Avoid looking at any one thing for more than a few seconds

             Look straight ahead or to the side

             Spend as much time looking at your mirrors as you do looking in front of you


30. Where are the blind spots in your rear view mirror?

            On the left and right sides and behind your rear window posts

              Only on the left side

              Only on the ride side                                                        

            Blind spots don't really exist

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