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Vision Driving school - promoter & life time supporter for Education, Academic Achievement, Life safety & Security because Driving is all about Vision & Motion and saving your and saving other's life.

Come to Edison Train Station and pay only $40 per hour minimum two hour lesson

9/11 Victims, First Responders (Police, Fire fighters, EMS), Academic Achievers

We are always supporting 1st responders. Vision Driving School is all about saving your life and the lives of others too.

We pay special attention to 9/11 victims and family members. If you check our About Us page, Vision Driving School was started exactly five years after 9/11 on 9/11/2006 by a 9/11 survivor.

We strongly believe in children's academic activities and their achievements, because we believe knowledge is power, we apply it wherever it is applicable and want to help students focus on their future goals.

Are you eligible for any one of the following? When you call please make sure you mention the following

Once you have completed your six hours behind the wheel training, our token of appreciation for the following promotions will arrive in your mailbox

-9/11 Victim Family, will arrive at their home address

-1st responder promotions at fire station, police station EMS office. 

-Academic appreciation will arrive at your school address.

-Web promotions Ads, donations etc after final approval at official addresses.

-September 11 Victims

If you are a child or family member of September 11 WTC Attack Victim.

 First Responders:



 Academic Achievements:



 High school yearbook & Newspaper Advertisements:



Donations for any other academic activities please email

Edison, Highland Park, Iselin, Woodbridge, Piscataway, Dunnellin Always pay $ 40 per hour, minimum three hour lesson.

Everyone else, coming from far...  come to Edison Train Station and pay only $ 120 for one three hour lesson.i.e. $ 40 per hour.

Driving is all about Vision & Motion,
Saving your life and others....

Vision Driving School - www.visiondrivingschool.com 1(866) 9 VISION emergency contact (732) 688-7841