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a driver?

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(published in Monthly Magazine on 4th July 2006)


In India, driving is a luxury.  In this country driving is a necessity. This is a big decision, a mind-boggling situation for many novices (to be drivers).  You have a Vision to Drive but cannot decide how to fulfill it?


Let’s say, you decided to fulfill your Vision to Drive. A well thought, decision, but has to be backed up by well planning as well.


How to start driving?

Should you start learning with a spouse, parents, relative or friend? or from a professional driving Instructor? (My next article is all about if you are not learning from instructor)


If you have a proper resources (a car) and parent, friend, spouse or relative with a great patience and knowledge how to teach you can start learning from them.


If you do not have any one like that, if they are not willing to take that chance to teach you, or for any other reason, you decided to select to learn from a professional, than how to find and select a driving instructor is a major decision.


Open a magazine like ‘Gujarat Darpan’, other local newspapers or your local yellow pages and you will find a lots of driving schools near you.


Call few Schools and or Instructors and find out about the rate. Ask proper questions as follows to the person who will teach you.


  1. General Liability questions:
    1. Are they licensed by State of NJ?
    2. Are there instructors are licensed by State of NJ?
    3. Do they have proper commercial liability insurance?
  2. Payment Questions:
    1. What is an acceptable method of payment?
    2. If cash, will you get a itemized money receipt which says what did you learn during that lesson and what are your problems, with your evaluation?
  3. Other General Questions, which may concern you and you deserve the answers:
    1. Who will teach, the person you talk to or some one else?
    2. Will they pick you up and drop you from your home?
    3. Your time starts when you drive?
    4. Is lesson one on one or there will be other students?

Ok, let’s say after doing all of the above, you have selected a driving instructor or decided to drive with Parent, spouse, relative or friend.


If you have selected to go with Driving Instructor, chances are you might not have to worry about how you start.  Your instructor is a professional and well trained to do so, so you can learn fast.


Remember the following:


  1. Respect your Driving Instructor, they are not your driver, they are your teacher.

 ( I have over heard many times, parents, spouses shout student to call ,” Jessica, your driver is here”

Remember if you have a chauffer driven car, than you have a driver.)


  1. If something came up and you want to cancel appointment, let them know in advance, so they can make teach someone else.  Do not cancel at last moment, as a courtesy to their business.
  2. Tell them what is your most difficulty is.
  3. Do not tell them you only want to learn one thing.
  4. Usually driving lesson price does not include Road Test Service
  5. Never pay in Advance.  Pay after your lesson is completed.  Pay only for the lesson hours.

What do you expect?


  1. Your instructor will show up on scheduled time for your appointment, if running late, because of many reasons, will call you.
  2. Your instructor is paying 100% attention to you, keep talking to you to explain each and every little details about driving.
  3. Once you learn one thing, quickly move on to another.
  4. Answer for any of your question related to driving.
  5. If you have difficulty understanding it or cannot do some thing, ask for more explanation.
  6. If possible tell your instructor to write it down also.

What is acceptable?


1.       Instructors do get phone calls more than average. Your instructor may answer the phone when it is safe but very quickly, and not stay too long on the phone.

2.       Instructors do get late some times, especially if you have after noon or rush hour appointments.  They will keep you inform.


What parents and students should be aware of?


  1. Do not pay money in advance. show them, if you need to and always pay at the end of session.
  2. Always ask for money receipt.
  3. If you learn and master something, ask for move on to next lesson.
  4. Make sure instructor is paying attention to you or student and not on the phone all the time.

Now we know, preplanned decisions always prepare us for better planning and also we have a peace of mind.


Please let me know if this information is helpful to our community and if you have any questions, please write to Gujarat Darpan, your question  will be published with an answer.

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