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Introduction of Writer - Jitendra (contact Cell: (732) 688-7841)   

(published in Monthly Magazine on 4th July2006)


Jitendra is a very talented person.  He has always had a Vision to help others and try to change society. A born tradition breaker he still values his culture greatly. Since high school, he had an excellent command over the Gujarati language and literature.  He hand wrote a book about ‘Kalapi’ also known as Sursinhji Takthsinhji Gohil, one of the greatest poets, analyzing and commenting on his life’s ‘Pranay Trikon’ – a 'Love Triangle'.


Jitendra completed his Masters in International Finance in 1977. He began his career in Calcutta as the youngest Financial Controller for a Group of industries.  He soon became an Expert Executive and was in-charge of their Eastern Division, he left the position to start his own Distributorship in Gujarat for ‘Raka’ Laboratories Ahmedabad an Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturers.  At that point he started taking interest in social activities and became the Vice President of the Lion’s Club and started an anti-grievances unit under the name of consumer education and helped the people of Gujarat, Kheda District.


After coming into this country he became the Vice president and Financial Controller of an Italian Environmental & Construction company. In this company he started a division to computerize the data and communication system.


Jitendra is an Information Technology Expert also excellent Driving Instructor. During his Driving Instruction lessons, he also takes interest in his student’s personal life and help them focus on their carrier, selecting collages, if possible connect them with proper channel so they can move on with their lives and progress. Also he talk to his students about Life, Drugs, Safety concerns, giving pointers.


He likes teaching and was a Senior Systems Administrator and Life Safety and Security Consultant of ‘The World Trade Center’ Buildings owned by The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.  Jitendra is also a survivor of September 11, 2001, he has contributed his time and expertise to our society and community. He has too much to give to the society and society should take full advantage of it


Article one

To be or not to be a driver

Article two

Learning to drive with a spouse, parent or relative

Article three

Seating, Posture and mirror Adjustment and curb judgment


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