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Learning to drive with spouce, Parent or relative

Written by Jitendra (Cell: (732) 688-7841)

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The last issue discussed how to make a well-informed decision about how to learn to drive.  This includes choosing between a driving school, spouse, parent, relative or friend.


If you decide that you have friends, relatives, parents, or a spouse who can teach you there are several key things that you need to know.


New Jersey State law requires the following before you sit behind the wheel of a motor vehicle:

  1. valid permit issued by DMV with a valid driver license number, which you can find just above your name.  Your diver license number starts with 1st letter of your last name,
  2. Vision test passed from DMV, date must be on the permit.
  3. Written Knowledge Test pass from DMV Date must be on the permit.
  4. Permit must be validated by DMV, (You can see the validation stamp on your permit with five digit number hand written on it with a silver stamp in back of the permit.)

First check list for students:

  1. Make sure you meet the DMV requirement as mentioned above.
  2. You have your original Valid Permit or Driver License with you in your possession (Not at home and Not a photo copy).
  3. Original driverís license of the person who is going to teach.
  4. Registration and Insurance of the vehicle you are going to use. 

Check list for a teacher who is going to teach driving.

  1. Your original Driver license.
  2. Car's insurance and registration current and valid.
  3. Signal and brake lights are working.
  4. Hand brake in the middle of console.
  5. Have great patience and extreme alertness.
  6. Always prepare to maneuver steering slightly.
  7. Prepare to pull hand brake if necessary.
  8. Observe your student carefully, (specially their hand and foot movement).
  9. You must keep an eye on road as well as watch where your student is looking.

Now that we check all of the above let the fun begin....


Answer to all Gujarat Darpan Readers about your IDP and Indian Driving license:


I receive lots of phone calls about new drivers coming from India and other countries with or without IDP. (International driving permit)


Having an IDP or a foreign driverís license can be an advantage You may get your New Jersey driverís license by simply passing the knowledge test without having to go through Road Test.


Remember 1:  The DMV can always challenge you by giving you a road test. Having an IDP or foreign license is not a guarantee that you will get a NJ DL (driverís license) without Road Test.


Remember 2: By producing a foreign driverís license or IDP you are claiming that you know how to drive a DMV (If in doubt) can always ask you to demonstrate your abilities with a road test.


Always alert, calm instructor and open minded student makes your driving learning experience enjoyable

- Jitendra ..........

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